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In today’s fast-paced investment landscape, retail investors seek innovative solutions that can simplify the investment process while offering potential growth opportunities. Live Funds, a unique offering by the Hedged platform, are designed to meet these needs by providing curated investment portfolios tailored to individual investors. In this blog, we will delve into the concept of Live Funds, their role in investment portfolios, and the various benefits they offer to investors.

The Rise of Live Funds

The investment landscape has witnessed a significant transformation with the introduction of advanced technologies and sophisticated investment platforms. Live Funds have emerged as a groundbreaking solution, providing retail investors with curated portfolios designed to achieve their investment goals. By leveraging the expertise of investment professionals and the power of algorithms, Live Funds aim to simplify the investment process while maximizing potential returns.

Understanding Live Funds

Live Funds represent a revolutionary approach to investing that offers a hassle-free experience for retail participants. These funds are meticulously curated by a dedicated team of experts and algorithms, aiming to optimize the risk-reward balance. By investing in Live Funds, individuals gain access to professionally managed (curated) portfolios without the need for extensive research or analysis.

The Unique Offering of Live Funds

Live Funds stand out as a unique investment offering with their micro-sized investment approach. As India’s first micro-sized investment funds with built-in hedges, Live Funds have gained popularity among retail investors. The micro-sized nature of Live Funds enables investors to get started with a relatively low capital requirement, opening up opportunities for broader participation and reducing barriers to entry in the market.

The Simplicity of Live Funds

Investing in Live Funds is a straightforward and streamlined process. On the Hedged platform, investors can choose from a range of Live Fund options based on their risk appetite, investment goals, and budget. Each Live Fund is carefully curated, taking into account factors such as diversification and risk management. Investors can simply select the Live Funds they wish to invest in, review the recommended stocks and their weightages, and initiate their investment with just a few clicks.

Emphasizing Risk Management

One of the key advantages of Live Funds is their focus on risk management. By incorporating built-in hedges, Live Funds aim to mitigate potential downside risk in the market. These hedges act as a protective mechanism, providing a level of security and stability to investors’ portfolios. By blending equity investments with derivative hedges, Live Funds strive to optimize risk-adjusted returns.

The Convenience of Live Funds

In addition to risk management, Live Funds offer convenience to investors. Unlike traditional investment funds that require continuous monitoring and active management, Live Funds require minimal monthly attention. By spending just a few minutes each month, investors can review and adjust their Live Fund holdings, ensuring their investments remain aligned with their risk tolerance and changing market conditions. This hands-on approach allows investors to maintain control over their portfolios while benefiting from professional curation.

Exploring Live Fund Categories

Live Funds offer a range of categories to cater to different investment preferences and risk profiles. These categories include Large Cap, Mid Cap, Multi-Cap, and All-Season Live Funds. Each category has its own investment objectives and allocation strategies. While the Multi-Cap and All-Season Live Funds may be available exclusively to Prime and Crown Users, other Live Funds options provide ample opportunities for a wider range of investors.

Capital Requirements and Allocation

Live Funds have specific capital requirements for participation, ensuring accessibility for investors with varying budgets. Each Live Funds provides a detailed breakdown of the percentage allocation towards specific stocks and derivatives. This transparency allows investors to have a clear understanding of how their capital is allocated within the Live Funds and the potential returns they can expect.

Market Performance and Returns

It’s essential to note that the expected returns indicated in each Live Fund are only indicative figures. Actual returns may vary based on market conditions, economic factors, and the performance of the underlying assets. Investors should carefully review the information provided for each Live Funds and consider their individual investment objectives and risk tolerance before making any investment decisions.

Other Features of Hedged

In addition to Live Funds, Hedged offers a suite of powerful features designed to empower investors and simplify their journey in the world of finance. Let’s take a closer look at two notable components that enhance the Hedged experience:

Hedgeometer (Nifty Crash Meter)

Hedgeometer is a revolutionary predictive tool, often referred to as the Nifty Crash Meter, that forecasts market crashes or upswings before they occur. By combining advanced algorithms and market expertise, this tool empowers you to make informed decisions about your portfolio positioning. With Hedgeometer, you gain a valuable edge in a dynamic investment landscape, ensuring you’re prepared for market movements.


HedgedTV is your gateway to a wealth of educational content. From basic investing concepts to advanced trading strategies, HedgedTV serves as a comprehensive resource for investors of all levels. Explore an extensive library of videos that break down complex financial topics into easily digestible segments. Learn from industry experts, gain insights into market conditions, and refine your investment knowledge. With HedgedTV, you have a powerful learning tool at your fingertips to make well-informed investment decisions.


Live Funds on the Hedged platform revolutionize the investment landscape by offering retail investors curated portfolios with built-in hedges. They provide a simple and accessible way for individuals to participate in the market, even with limited capital. By combining the expertise of professionals and the power of algorithms, Live Funds offer investors the potential for growth and long-term wealth creation. Start exploring Live Funds today on the Hedged app and embark on your investment journey with confidence.

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